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Über Erol Uen

Even though I occupy myself with the “business” of life coaching, I would rather call myself a voluntary listener. I believe it is a basic human need to be listened to and understood. In these days while everyone is so lost in their heads with their own perspectives, ideas and prejudices about themselves and life, I would like to demonstrate that it is possible to just BE there for someone.


When we do not insert our personal thoughts, ideas and judgement into that simple moment of togetherness, than there is room for understanding. Only through that silence and innocent state of the mind we can access compassion, connection and empowerment. Considering that many wars and conflicts, either personal or larger-scale are a result of misunderstandings, prejudices and fear of the unknown, I am committed to doing what I can most easily for everyone around me: Just being there for them and listening to them. That space and freedom of listening will then blossom into a flower that will enable YOU to find your own peace and inner-power. There is NO magic formula for that. It is not something we can logically solve either.


My approach is influenced a lot by the philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism, martial arts, yoga, nature, Chinese medicine, Japanese therapies, improvisation theater, the Coactive model and most importantly the life itself. I am also totally aware that words might have the power of enlightenment as well as imprisonment. That is why I am here for YOU to help you find your own words, so that you can author your own book of life without having to rely on mine.


And I am looking forward to reading that book together.


~Erol ~


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