Jakob Eichhorn
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Über Jakob Eichhorn

I'm a certified Radical Honesty trainer leading workshops all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria. My main time is spent coaching in Ulm, Germany with my local groups. 

My passion is in helping people to remove inner blockages with living more authentically. I love seeing the people that I coach transforming and gaining that sense of personal freedom and happiness, which I was able to discover for myself through becoming a Radical Honesty trainer.

The appraoch I follow with Radical Honesty, serves as a catalyst for all areas of life (sexuality, friendships, family, career, personal fulfillment, spirituality).

Feel free to reach out to me and reserve a spot in a city near you. You will meet incredible people and experience what Radical Honesty has to offer for your life and the lives of the people you love!





  • Radical Honesty
  • Gewaltfreie Kommunikation
  • Gestalttherapie


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